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About us

Who are we?

Data Hub Solution is a provider of state-of-the-art technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2019, today we offer intelligent and innovative services to over 200 clients. We have built our solutions by listening closely to our potential customers and understanding their expectations. We know how to analyze this information and tailor our offer to changing market needs. Why not join our rapidly growing customer base?

The service portfolio mainly includes IT equipment packages, cost-per-page integrated printing services, printing equipment, cyber security, maintenance and technical support. These solutions are not exclusive, but can be adapted to each client company, giving the range of services and products offered by Data Hub Solution a high degree of diversity.

Data Hub Mission

Data Hub's mission is to help any company in its digitization process by offering the best and safest solutions that maximize the client's efficiency in any process that requires the involvement of an IT system.

In addition, by satisfying all customer needs, the company aims to establish and maintain long-term relationships with clients, providing them with support in their activities and receiving constant feedback from them in order to constantly improve the firm's performance.

Clients are treated responsibly by DHS, their needs being studied in detail and analyzed so that the proposed solution brings maximum efficiency to the client company, while also being secure from a technical and cyber point of view

Quality is essential, the company only offers products recognized as quality from top partners such as Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Lexmark and many others

Flexibility and intelligence are promoted by DHS, the solutions being intelligently modeled on the client's needs, the result being thus customized from one project to another



In addition to the products or services that can be purchased, a great competitive advantage of DHS is the interaction element between customers and our specialists.

They use the vast portfolio of knowledge accumulated both from previous projects and from their own experience in the IT&C field, to be able to offer the best advice to the client both in the choice of products and services, as well as in all the activities that follow.

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