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Fighting school dropout together





Through The National School Dropout Reduction Program (PNRAS) grants of up to 200,000 euros/school will be awarded to 3,250 state, primary and secondary education units that need support to reduce school dropout. Our company wants an involvement in this project, as we consider that dropping out of school seriously affects a child's life, attracting a series of negative effects from the moment a child drops out of school: the impossibility of obtaining a job, the child's non-integration into society, the emergence of an inferiority complex which can lead to mental problems and psychiatric disorders. Several types of activities or purchases can be financed through PNARS to reduce school dropout, including the purchase of IT equipment, software, office equipment or subscriptions to educational platforms.

Data Hub Solution

We believe that school dropout could be reduced if all students had access to high-performance IT equipment (since, at the moment, worldwide education is in a continuous process of digitization and transition to the virtual environment) and access to educational platforms that would facilitate the learning process and introduce children to the online space and the development opportunities through it.

Educational platforms

  • Tinker: Platform for interactive lessons explained with the help of 3D educational content and student school situation centralizer (grades, absences, averages) available from any device. The digital laboratory simplifies the learning process through its visual and practical approach to school subjects. In addition, the platform centralizes all information regarding students' school situations, allowing real-time monitoring from any device. The platform has the role of bringing all the people involved in the educational process much closer and facilitating the automation and digitization of school situations.

  • Wizkids: Support software for students with dyslexia. The software can be used by the student on any device to help them read and write. Technology helps children with dyslexia by freeing up working memory and helping them remember what they've learned.

  • Schoolflix:Educational platform with video lessons for all subjects (class 5-8), aligned with the Romanian curriculum. Schoolflix focuses on intensive preparation for national exam and baccalaureate, students' performance level can be determined very quickly by teachers or even by students based on exam subjects. In addition, parents are involved in the educational process, through the daily reporting of the students' activity.

Fable Connect

Telepresence robots for home/hospital learners. Fable robots allow students to participate in classroom lessons through a robot. Using Fable, children can connect from anywhere to what is happening in the classroom, thus becoming part of the school collective in a modern way.

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The system comprises a standalone headset, controller and charging unit, offering pre-installed 360 images and videos, classroom management and control, and the ability for schools to upload their own content. ClassVR is the only innovative and award-winning technology exclusively for education, designed to help increase engagement and increase retention for students of all ages.

CVR-255-64 Headset 4 & 8 Bay Luggage Case 1.jpg

IT Equipment

Laptops for school use. The Educational Laptop is a device designed to ensure users' digital privacy, secure communication and protect the integrity of their personal and professional data.

Interactive telepresence solution integrated with Fable Connect, with 75" touch screen (with on-board computer and video camera), mounted on mobile cart


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