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Data Hub Products and Services

The service portfolio mainly includes IT equipment packages, cost-per-page integrated printing services, printing equipment, cyber security, maintenance and technical support. These solutions are not exclusive, but can be adapted to each client company, giving the range of services and products offered by Data Hub Solution a high degree of diversity

IT Equipment

The equipment is selected according to the customer's specifications (or his needs, if the customer does not provide technical specifications). Among the hardware equipment offered by DHS are: Laptops, computers, tablets, routers, servers, monitors, etc.

Printing equipment and supplies

The company offers a wide range of MFPs and printing equipment, along with all the supplies needed to operate at optimal conditions.


In addition to the wide range of hardware offered by DHS, there are also a significant number of software products that customers can purchase through DHS: Microsoft Licenses, Video Conferencing Application Licenses, Operating Systems, Cyber ​​Security Software.

Cyber ​​security solutions

Given the importance of cyber security, the DHS offering includes a range of specific equipment to ensure a cyber secure business experience.




IT outsourcing services

Data-center services

Assistance, Maintenance and Support

Cost-per-page printing services

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